A unique acoustic experience: “Les Malices de Carmen” at the Quinconces Theater in Le Mans

The Quinconces Theater, Le Mans. Photo credit: Alain Szczuczynski

Come discover Les Malices de Carmen: an unusual musical performance on Wednesday April 13 at the Quinconces Theater in Le Mans. You will travel through multiple soundscapes, the numerous intricacies of which are revealed by Carmen®, the acoustic system designed by the CSTB. At the end of the show, you are invited to join a round table discussion about this active acoustic technique, in the presence of the composers of the collective work Les Malices de Carmen, Jan Jagla, research engineer at the CSTB, and Xavier Meynial, Technical Director of the Active Audio company.

Attend the performance of Les Malices de Carmen and the round table on the Carmen® system
The Les Malices de Carmen concert, featuring a work co-composed by Christophe Hauser, Carol Robinson, Laure Saint-Hillier and Serge Teyssot-Gay, dedicated to Etienne Bultingaire, will be followed by a round table discussion on the Carmen® system installed at the Quinconces Theater.
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Discover how Carmen® improves the acoustics of performance halls
Carmen® is an acoustic system designed by the experts of the CSTB. In real time, it adjusts the characteristics of the performance hall to achieve the best musical sensations. The system respects the natural propagation of sound in the venue and does not require any significant architectural modifications.
The Carmen® system

The CSTB offers a turnkey solution for installing the Carmen® system, from the acoustic study to the delivery. Experts work in close collaboration with acoustic specialists, architects and project owners to guarantee an outcome in line with the aims of projects, designing a customized system.
CSTB contact: Jan Jagla

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