About us

The construction industry – from buildings to urban development – is central to the challenges facing society: climate change, population growth, aging of the population, urbanization and urban development, housing, economic attractiveness, etc.

With 33 million housing units, an old building stock with a renewal rate of 1% per year, annual production of more than 55 million m² by 1.3 million contractors, France's construction industry must at the same time rise to major challenges, where innovation, in the broadest sense, will be a key component in the response to society's needs:

  • Massive renovation of the building stock under the energy transition law
  • Development of new construction towards positive energy buildings and housing blocks
  • At neighborhood and city levels, integration of energy links between buildings, mobility, networks, etc.

Whether in terms of materials, facilities or solutions, for contractors to integrate innovations into a broad and complex systems, such as a building, a neighborhood or a city, they must be guided and supported from a scientific, technical and financial standpoint, from the idea to the market, in a context of rapidly changing uses. This will enable them to optimize their responses to different requirements and stand out from the competition.