Existing buildings represent the primary physical, economic, social and cultural capital of our societies. The average renewal rate of the building stock is below 1% per year, in most developed countries. Thus, in addition to significant efforts targeting new construction, it remains crucial to develop - massively and on a large scale - the rehabilitation of existing buildings, in order to reach environmental objectives, such as a four-fold cut in greenhouse gas emissions between 1990 and 2050.

Concerning the management and renovation of the stock of existing buildings, the CSTB develops methods and tools to enable sound decisions to be made from an economic, environmental and societal point of view.


The CSTB offers services in the following areas of expertise:

  • developing renovation strategies, at the scale of individual buildings and neighborhoods
  • assessing performance gains provided by a renovation program (including social housing in the context of the tenant's contribution to sharing cost savings)


  • REPERE: method for assessing the performance gains of a renovation program
  • dynamic energy simulation software at every scale of the neighborhood's components