About us

The CSTB is part of a national multidisciplinary research network with a strong local presence, for partnerships with contractors and technological transfer. With these stakeholders, the CSTB also develops international partnerships.

Scientific partnerships

National partnerships

  • With research and higher education institutions: The CSTB contributes to research strategies established at regional level by higher education and public research bodies. In this context, it develops framework partnership agreements with academic laboratories (CERTES, Navier Laboratory, LASIE, among others) to structure four-year partnerships in the form of doctoral programs, and by hosting postdoctoral fellows and researchers.
  • The Scientific and Technical Network (RST) of the French Ministry of the Environment: The CSTB is a member of the Scientific and Technical Network of organizations focused on expertise and operational research, working in highly diversified skill areas for sustainable planning and development.
  • Stakeholder of competitive clusters: The CSTB is a member of the competitive clusters ADVANCITY (founding member), TENERRDIS, SYSTEMATIC, POLE RISQUES, POLE CAPENERGIES, AXELERA and ALSACE ÉNERGIVIE.
  • Network of Industrial Technical Centers (CTI): The CSTB develops partnerships with the Industry Technical Centers of all major construction sectors (wood - FCBA, concrete - CERIB, metal construction - CTICM, terracotta - CTMNC, heating / ventilation / air conditioning - CETIAT)

For local support of innovative companies, the CSTB is engaged in various partnerships with local areas, to best guide innovation in VSEs/SMEs. Partnership agreements have thus been signed with Tipee, Novabuild, FCBA, Nobatec, CERIB, Pôle Fibres, Energivie, Karibati and the ENSAM of Cluny.

International partnerships

The CSTB is an active member of European and international research networks that work with the built environment. In Europe, for example, the CSTB is Secretary-General of the European Construction Technology Platform.

Alongside this, the CSTB signs bilateral partnership agreements with its European and international counterparts on specific research topics, such as digital models and fire safety. Partnerships for excellence are maintained with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST, Building and Fire Research Laboratory - USA), the Building Center of Japan and the Building Research Institute (Japan), the Shanghai Research Institute of Building Sciences (SRIBS - China).