Numerous cases of socio-environmental crises have been reported in France over the past three decades. The way they were managed has revealed the need for a comprehensive environmental and psychosocial approach, in order to analyze, understand and resolve such crises.


The CSTB has developed psychotechnical expertise based on the analysis of individuals in the context of their environment. In order to guide organizations experiencing a socio-environmental crisis, the CSTB offers an original, cross-disciplinary investigatory approach, aiming to:

  • Identify and analyze the relevant work environment
  • Determine and analyze how the situation is perceived by the various stakeholders
  • Pinpoint the probable sources and implement a crisis resolution process.

Multidisciplinary method for analyzing and resolving a crisis situation

1 - Joint assessment

  • Characterizing the premises concerned by the crisis
  • Review of amenities for indoor comfort: walk-through inspections, analysis of the technical management, of environmental measures, interviews to gauge perception
  • Reconstructing the history of the crisis
  • Characterizing the socio-environmental crisis and determining its probable causes

2 - Action plan

  • Resolution guidelines and objectives
  • Joint construction of an action plan
  • Prioritized implementation

3 - Monitoring and assessment

  • Providing support for implementation of the action plan
  • Assessment (environmental analysis, perception of indoor comfort)