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Through contracts in research and expertise, the CSTB contributes, alongside contractors, to the different phases in the process of innovation: advice on innovation, research, development through contracts in research, expertise and technology transfer.
It focuses primarily on VSEs/SMEs, emerging branches of industry, urban development, construction, buildings and transportation to meet the challenges of creating sustainable cities.
It guides stakeholders in the framework of research contracts and expertise, technology transfers (license agreements, patent assignments), creation of industrial research chairs, training programs and customized courses.


  • Sophie Moreau, Director Delegate of Research Partnerships
  • Nelson Rodrigues, Academic Partnerships and Intellectual Property
  • Nathalie Pasquier, Financial Engineering

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The mission of the Scientific and Technical Center for Building (CSTB) is to ensure the quality and safety of buildings. It brings together multidisciplinary skills to develop and share essential scientific and technical knowledge. covering construction products and buildings, and their integration into neighborhoods and cities. It guides skateholders in the cycle of innovation from idea to market and supports the transformation of the construction sector in the context of the digital, environmental and energy transitions. The CSTB focuses on five key activities: research and expertise, evaluation, certification, testing and the dissemination of knowledge. With its subsidiaries, networks of national, European and international partners, and over 900 employees, the CSTB offers its services to all stakeholders involved in construction.