Major test facilities

A unique virtual reality platform

Located in Sophia-Antipolis, the Le Corbusier immersive room is a unique virtual reality platform aimed at facilitating the process of project design, consultation and communication between project owners and designers, in terms of architecture, town and country planning.

The combination of virtual environments and valid scientific simulations produces a 3D representation early in the design phase, adapted to the specific setting, in an immersive and interactive way.

Smoother project communication

The review of a project in the immersive room improves communication between the teams of the project owner and those of the project manager. It also allows them to check the expected performance of the structure in various areas (acoustics, lighting, thermal properties, air flow, pollution, fire resistance, etc.), and to test and validate a range of design options.

The immersive room can be used to:

  • construct a representation of proposed projects
  • navigate and interact in real time on aspects of the project
  • create simulations of physical phenomena
  • modify all or a portion of the elements and check the technical and environmental impact of those modifications.


Digital model: building and city

Precise photovoltaic potential