Bioguess: biodetection in urban building stock

Crédit photo: Florence Joubert

The City of Wattrelos asked Bioguess to determine whether a part of its building stock was contaminated by dry rot. Dry rot is a wood-decay fungus that attacks building structures and can cause extensive damage.

Diagnostic kits comprising several pumps and collection tubes were given to the technical departments of the municipality. About 20 spaces (various rooms, housing units, a museum, etc.) were sampled. Bioguess then conducted analyses and submitted an expert report, which concluded that there is no dry rot, but that there is a localized presence of active fungal contaminants in part of the property. The innovation in its detection process is the ability to identify the presence of this fungus, as well as mold, before it is visible.

  • Client: City of Wattrelos
  • Location: France
  • Year: 2018

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