Sophie Moreau - Photo: Raphaël Dautigny

We must move toward the buildings and cities of tomorrow in response to residents' new lifestyles and aspirations, while keeping our focus on the problems that are unresolved for the moment. Whether for a building or a neighborhood, the CSTB must take part in this multiscale, dynamic, and systemic way of thinking and go beyond a purely technical approach.

Our ability to meet our basic needs is closely linked to our living spaces and our perceptions. First, we must provide safe, healthy and comfortable spaces to everyone throughout their lives and offer attractive and "peaceful" neighborhoods and cities that are conducive to social ties and promote socioeconomic activities. This means embracing the private domain of housing as well as the public space and everything in between, including our varied living spaces and how we get around. This is far from easy.

Our territory still has too much unfit and unhealthy housing, and too many households in fuel poverty. Even if these housing units receive massive investment through the recovery plan, not everything will be fixed. As you know, the situation of the current housing stock and future expectations are compelling us to act.

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