Tools for circular economy and building resources

Alexandra Lebert @Raphaël Dautigny

The circular economy now has a meaningful place and serves as a common ground between the various CSTB trades.

Optimizing the use of resources is essential to protect the environment and biodiversity. In this context, the desire of the CSTB is to bring together the stakeholders in the construction sector around the circular economy at the design stage of products, structures and development projects is an indispensable lever to reduce environmental impacts and limit material flows.

Alexandra Lebert - Director Strategic Area of Research

CSTB is strengthening its research arm by establishing specific partnerships with the academic world. At the same time, it is consolidating its link with the operational world by continuing its collaborations with stakeholders who want to put the circular economy at the center of their strategies. Issues related to energy, non-energy and water resources are also major areas of focus for us, so the CSTB created a new Water Department in January 2022. The Energy & Environment Department has also grown.