City of Lille rallying stakeholders in the building industry for a sustainable city

Maison de l'Habitat Durable, Lille - Photo: CSTB

The CSTB helped the city of Lille to develop a commitment document with local construction stakeholders for a low-carbon city.

The CSTB was asked to co-lead a series of workshops with the City of Lille to discuss and collectively produce proposals on five priority themes for the low-carbon city: circular economy and reuse, adaptation to climate change, low-impact mobility, biodiversity and urban agriculture, renewable and low-carbon energy.

The support and expertise of the CSTB were valuable and crucial in determining the Lille Bas Carbone requirements. It enabled us to establish requirements that have real environmental impact and are specific to desired outcomes, technically feasible and economically measurable and assessable. One of the fundamental contributions of the CSTB is a change in perspective: it is essential to consider the environmental performance of a project from the design stage to minimize cost overrun. Having the CSTB as a resource for technical exchange with our real estate partners has been an asset to the city of Lille.
Audrey Linkenheld, First Assistant to the Mayor of Lille

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