Alexandra Lebert - Photo: Raphaël Dautigny

Our goal is to demonstrate the potential of recycling and reuse and to be a facilitator. This includes, for example, enabling local authorities to anticipate future waste streams and the processing facilities to manage them, helping to remove the obstacles planners face when contracting, and disseminating good practice guides and digital tools to optimize the demolition phase, which plays a pivotal role in waste recovery.

As an evaluator, we need to make our practices more secure, whether at the diagnosis stage of a building at the end of its life for reuse of its components, at the reconditioning center before release on the market, or for increased integration of recycled material into new products.

As we guide innovation, we must play a trusted third-party role in characterizing performance in eco-design, help identify opportunities to find sources of recycled material, and support reuse sectors in identifying performance levels and ways to do so.

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