Highlights of Rendez-vous Carnot

Rendez-vous Carnot 2015: unexpected encounters, ideas out of the blue… Innovation arising at the crossroads of expertise. “Without borders, ideas develop from the exchanges we cultivate with businesses in all sectors, including through the Rendez-vous Carnot,” comments Sophie Moreau, Assistant Director of Research Partnerships at the CSTB Carnot Institute.

“At Rendez-vous Carnot, excitement is everywhere,” she adds. “Between scheduled appointments, meetings and interviews, the Paris exhibition allows us to cross boundaries more easily than in the office. They are welcome moments of exchange between pioneering researchers and experts with different backgrounds.”

With Nelson Rodriguez, CSTB Research and Development, Sophie Moreau notes how much the fungal biodetector impressed attendees. “By stimulating interest, this innovation designed by the CSTB Carnot Institute demonstrates the importance of the transfer of technology from one scientific area to another. Innovation is everywhere. From life science to buildings to culture, there is only a fine line. Expertise in fungal detection implemented by the CSTB for housing and conservation of cultural heritage can be used to improve hygiene and cosmetics, for example.”

“Rendez-vous Carnot also makes it possible to extend relationships with our partners,” continues Jérome Vinet, Major Structures and Transportation business developer, attending Rendez-vous Carnot with the entire CSTB Carnot Institute team: Lionel Bertrand (Energy & Environment), Alain Anfosso (Digital Technologies) and Alexandre Jolibois (Health & Comfort). “We are strengthening contacts with our partners for joint projects, calls for tender and international development. Meeting at Rendez-vous Carnot is a great opportunity to build collaboration.”

The CSTB Carnot Institute