CDC Habitat and the CSTB are combining their expertise in housing

Left to right: Sophie Moreau, Director Delegate of Research Partnerships, CSTB; Étienne Crépon, President of the CSTB; Sylvie Ravalet, Deputy General Director, CSTB; Alain Cauchy, Property Director, CDC Habitat; André Yché, President of CDC Habitat.

On the occasion of the 79th HLM (rent-controlled housing) Congress of the Union Sociale de l'Habitat (USH), on Tuesday, October 9 in Marseille, CDC Habitat, a real estate subsidiary of the Caisse des dépôts, and the Scientific and Technical Center for Building (CSTB), have initiated a Research & Development partnership focusing on housing. Several key specialist areas for residential buildings, central to the challenges of the construction industry, will structure this sharing of expertise and skills.

Initially, 3 subjects will be explored:

  • BIM for the design, construction, renovation and use of buildings;
  • the identification and analysis of the costs and efficiencies associated with BIM;
  • the strategy of estate management.

Other specialist areas will later supplement this research program, aiming to advance knowledge in the construction, renovation and management of the residential building stock.

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