Portable indoor air pollutant detector

A new detector makes it possible to monitor and analyze indoor air pollutants, particularly fungal contaminants. Developed from research conducted by the CSTB, it received the Innovative Environmental Techniques Award at Pollutec 2014. Its practicality and reliability make it a prime solution for improving indoor air quality. It offers promising industrial applications in France and around the world.

Totally new type of practical tool

Mold can cause a diverse range of illnesses, especially respiratory conditions that particularly affect more fragile individuals, such as children, the elderly and those with immunocompromised systems. It also damages the material on which it grows, for example, paintings, sculptures and construction material. The CSTB developed a reliable, portable detector to monitor growth and prevent the negative impacts on health and property. It contains a microsystem that conducts a rapid sequence of sampling, transfer, separation and analysis essential to assessing fungal contamination in indoor environments. Its modular design also enables it to analyze the environment for other pollutants.

Major advance with many applications

The new device continuously monitors the environment and issues alerts at the first indications of fungal development, representing a major breakthrough for building industry stakeholders. It is also useful to those responsible for conserving cultural heritage, making it easier to prevent damage to works of art and reduce the need for restoration. For this purpose, in 2014, an industrial preproduction run was laboratory tested. In-situ demonstrations are planned for 2015 in museums, libraries and archives in collaboration with the Historic Monuments Research Laboratory (LRMH), Bibliothèque nationale de France and the French National Archives.