University of La Rochelle, CNRS and the CSTB jointly planning research

The University of La Rochelle, the CNRS and the CSTB are using their combined expertise for research on buildings. In Paris, on June 17, 2015, Étienne Crépon, President of CSTB, Gérard Blanchard,President of the University of La Rochelle and Marie-Yvonne Perrin, Deputy Scientific Director of the CNRS Institute for INSIS (Engineering and Systems Sciences), signed an agreement for a research partnership focusing on four areas: sustainable buildings; uses, health and comfort in indoor environments and design methods; risk mitigation and digital simulation and tools.

This partnership involves a joint scientific planning process implemented by the CSTB and the LaSIE (Engineering Sciences for Environmental Studies Laboratory ) (University of La Rochelle/CNRS). The varied work carried out (PhD theses, postdoctoral work, etc.) and visiting researchers will strengthen the knowledge essential to successful energy, environmental and societal transition where the building industry is involved.