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Because the size of your company requires flexibility and responsiveness, the CSTB, a major player in development, construction and transportation R&D, assists your innovation from the idea to market, by providing:

  • a cross-disciplinary perspective on advanced technologies, testing, market environments and trends, current and future challenges.
  • scientific expertise, encompassing every technical aspect of construction and of the urban components that are mobilized to guarantee the integration of innovations.

The innovation cycle

Research & Development
The market

Support from the CSTB

Choosing the CSTB means:

a tailored approach

depending on how far your project has come, the disciplinary expertise covering all aspects surrounding construction and urban issues is mobilized at the various stages of your innovation.

From your very first contact with us, a dedicated advisory service works with you to define your project and expectations. The service will refer you to a single contact person for the duration of your project.

A recognized partner

Thanks to its specific skills, the CSTB is a major stakeholder of the energy transition. Attentive to all stakeholders of the construction industry (developers, architects, project owners, project managers, engineers, manufacturers, construction contractors, estate managers, local authorities, local public and semi-public companies, insurance companies, etc.) and the economic context, it guides and supports innovation at the local level.

Support for funding assistance

Partnerships with the CSTB are primarily based on a research project or a contract for expertise services, funded entirely by the company to meet its specific needs.

The objectives of the contract are specified in advance. The intellectual property conditions of the outcomes are defined, taking account of the company's initial contributions of knowledge, on the one hand, and of those of the CSTB, on the other.

The CSTB also guides you for technology transfers (license agreements, patent assignments), software and customized training. For more cross-disciplinary and multi-partner research projects, with the aim of developing generic knowledge, the CSTB helps you with setting up:

  • collaborative research projects, co-financed by associated public and private parties, especially in the context of calls for projects such as the “Investissements d'Avenir” (Investing in the Future) program, ANR, ADEME or European (H2020) projects
  • industrial research chairs.

The CSTB also provides you with support for the financial engineering of your project, specifically regarding the mobilization of the research tax credit and co-financing options.

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