Search for cause of cracks on the underside of honey-combed prestressed concrete slabs.

  • Location  Taverny
  • Clients  Conseil Général du Val d'Oise
  • Years  1999

Experimental: wind loading and comfort study on a 1/300 scale model
Lighting: study of solar impact
SETEC engineering firm called on the CSTB during the design phase to obtain precise data on solar gain to simulate the aerothermal properties of the atrium of the Phare office tower. Because the atrium design calls for broad use of glazing, the solar gain greatly influences the thermal and air flow comfort in the space. The data was simulated using the sunlight module of the PHANIE software package.

  • Location  Paris La Défense
  • Clients  Unibail Rodamco SCI CNIT DEVELOPPEMENT
  • Architects  Morphosis (Thom Mayne)
  • Years  2008

Experimental: wind loading and comfort study on a 1/250 scale model.

  • Location  Lyon
  • Clients  VP & Green
  • Architects  Valode & Pistre
  • Years  2011

Experimental: wind loading and comfort study on a 1/250 scale model.

  • Location  Paris
  • Clients  Unibail Rodamco
  • Architects  Crochon Brullmann + Associés
  • Years  2011 - 2014

Acoustic efficiency of sound-absorbing tiles and influence on natural lighting.
The civil engineering company for a project to install a partial covering over the A6B motorway asked the CSTB to help optimize the design of the sound-absorbing tiles by means of digital simulation, using the MICADO tool. Several tile configurations were studied, allowing, in particular, the optimization of the slope angle of the boxes.

  • Location  Gentilly

Experimental: wind loading study on cross-sectional and aeroelastic models, climate studies, protection of vehicles.

  • Location  Millau
  • Clients  AIOA Millau EIFFAGE
  • Architects  Sir Norman Foster
  • Years  1992 - 2012

Aerodynamic behavior.

  • Location  Russia
  • Clients  Freyssinet
  • Years  2011

Aerodynamic behavior, aeroelastic model.

  • Location  Russia
  • Clients  MGSU
  • Architects  État russe
  • Years  2012 - 2014

Aerodynamic behavior.

  • Location  Hong Kong
  • Clients  Bouygues
  • Years  1994

Onsite measurements, aerodynamic behavior.

  • Location  Honfleur
  • Clients  GIE pont de Normandie
  • Architects  Michel Virlogeux
  • Years  1992 - 1994, 1997