The CSTB was contacted by the AREP consulting firm to assist in the design of artificial lighting for the impressive Wuhan train station in China. Given the project's large number of light fixtures, the study required a powerful tool like PHANIE for lighting simulation.

  • Location  Wuhan (China)
  • Clients  AREP
  • Architects  AREP
  • Years  2007

Experimental: wind loading and comfort study on a 1/250 scale model
Experimental: wind, snow and ice loading study on prototypes on full-size models of the polycarbonate tubes
Acoustics: prediction of noise pollution in the vicinity of the stadium.

  • Location  Lille
  • Clients  Eiffage
  • Architects  Valode & Pistre Pierre Ferret
  • Years  2009 - 2011

Experimental: wind loading study on 1/200 and 1/300 scale models (greater comfort on esplanade).

  • Location  Paris
  • Clients  Eiffage Construction
  • Architects  Johan Otto von Spreckelsen Paul Andreu Erik Reitzel
  • Years  1984, 2014

Airbus called on the CSTB to study and optimize the artificial lighting in the A320 assembly plant in Saint-Nazaire. The aim was to create optimal working comfort, ensuring sufficient illuminance but minimal glare. The study was conducted in large part with the lighting simulation software PHANIE.

  • Location  Toulouse
  • Clients  AIRBUS
  • Years  2014

Experimental analysis of the durability of flooring.

  • Location  Levallois-Perret
  • Architects  RAS (bâti existant)
  • Years  2002

Worksite assessment - testing the resistence of high-performance fibre-reinforced concrete.

  • Location  Marseille
  • Clients  EMOC
  • Architects  Rudy Ricciotti
  • Years  2013

Experimental: wind loading and comfort study on a 1/250 scale model.

  • Location  Paris
  • Clients  Unibail Rodamco
  • Architects  Jean-Paul Viguier
  • Years  2008 - 2011

At the request of the architect Paul Andreu and the AdPI, the CSTB participated in guaranteeing the acoustic quality of the three halls of the National Grand Theater in Beijing, thanks to its simulation tools EPIDAURE and EBINAUR (which have since been replaced by the ICARE software package) in the preliminary design phase. Apart from the spatial organization and soundproofing aspects, the CSTB also gave advice on the choice of interior decoration elements and spectator seating. The CSTB then monitored the works and conducted a series of tests to ensure the actual acoustic quality of the performance hall.

  • Location  Beijing
  • Clients  AREP
  • Architects  Paul Andreu

Experimental: wind loading and comfort study on a 1/200 scale model
The Philharmonie de Paris (symphony hall) asked for the CSTB's assistance in designing and optimizing the artificial lighting of the main concert hall of the complex. The aim was to fulfill as precisely as possible the requirements of the architect. A covered outdoor space, known as the Grotto, was also studied in terms of its natural lighting.

  • Location  Paris
  • Clients  Association Philharmonie de Paris
  • Architects  Atelier Jean Nouvel
  • Years  2008 (vent), 2013 (éclairage)

Analysis of the seismic behavior of three existing buildings on a nuclear site.

  • Clients  COMUREX
  • Architects  RAS
  • Years  2005

Experimental: wind loading and comfort study on a 1/250 scale model + dimensioning of the double-skin envelope 'scales' on a 1/50 scale model
Digital: driving rain.

  • Location  Paris
  • Clients  GTM
  • Architects  Christian de Portzamparc
  • Years  2012-2014

Experimental: wind loading and comfort study on a 1/200 scale model
Acoustics: acoustic study of the stadium.

  • Location  Lyon
  • Clients  Vinci Construction Foncière du Montout
  • Architects  Populous
  • Years  2008-2013