Experimental: wind loading on the 1:200 scale model of the building and 1:50 model of the louver flaps

Digital: risk of condensation under the louver flaps

Digital: louver flap loading studies

Experimental: preliminary wind loading on the 1/50 scale model of the new louver flaps, smoke extraction engineering and fire resistance study of the canopy roof.

  • Location  Paris
  • Architects  Patrick Berger et Jacques Anziutti
  • Years  2009, 2011

Smoke extraction engineering, sizing of the smoke extraction solution.

  • Location  Paris
  • Clients  StudioMilou architecture
  • Architects  StudioMilou architecture
  • Years  2013

Worksite assessment - testing the resistence of high-performance fibre-reinforced concrete.

  • Location  Marseille
  • Clients  EMOC
  • Architects  Rudy Ricciotti
  • Years  2013

Study of smoke extraction from an underground passageway at the airport.

  • Location  Lyon
  • Clients  GFC Construction
  • Architects  Santiago Calatrava
  • Years  2011