The CSTB used its expertise to intervene in a case of sick building syndrome in a school. To manage and overcome the crisis, it measured indoor air quality and provided psychological support to all stakeholders.

  • Location  Rennes
  • Clients  French Institute for Public Health Surveillance (InVS)
  • Years  2010

Characterization of indoor exposure to electromagnetic waves inside an airport terminal, emitted by devices inside and outside (mobile phones, Wi-Fi, TV, FM, …), using a combination of the ICARE-RF and MithraREM software packages.

  • Clients  ADP
  • Years  2015

Support for implementing a home automation kit.

  • Clients  DomusVi
  • Years  2013

Set-up of a remote assistance center for an association working with vulnerable isolated people in their homes.

  • Clients  Association Vivre Dans Son Pays
  • Years  2014 - 2015

Assessment of the climatic comfort of the new TGV station in Avignon, both inside the largely glazed building and outside. Measurement masts for wind, temperature and hygrometry were installed and the results analyzed to obtain objective measures of comfort in and around the station.

  • Location  Avignon
  • Clients  SNCF
  • Years  2004

R&D at the OQAI (Indoor Air Quality Observatory): development of an instrument to measure and manage indoor air confinement in schools.

  • Clients  DGPR, DHUP, ADEME
  • Years  2008

Assessment protocols and large-scale data gathering on air quality, comfort and performance in office buildings and schools.

  • Clients  Commission européenne
  • Years  2011 - 2014

Ventilation appraisal and diagnosis of hydrocarbon pollution following the contamination of several buildings by polluted ground.

  • Clients  DRIRE IDF
  • Years  2010

Assessment of the sanitary impact of construction and decoration products: example of a covering product.

  • Clients  Université de Nice
  • Years  2014