The CSTB used its expertise to intervene in a case of sick building syndrome in a school. To manage and overcome the crisis, it measured indoor air quality and provided psychological support to all stakeholders.

  • Location  Rennes
  • Clients  French Institute for Public Health Surveillance (InVS)
  • Years  2010

Characterization of indoor exposure to electromagnetic waves inside an airport terminal, emitted by devices inside and outside (mobile phones, Wi-Fi, TV, FM, …), using a combination of the ICARE-RF and MithraREM software packages.

  • Clients  ADP
  • Years  2015

Support for implementing a home automation kit.

  • Clients  DomusVi
  • Years  2013

Set-up of a remote assistance center for an association working with vulnerable isolated people in their homes.

  • Clients  Association Vivre Dans Son Pays
  • Years  2014 - 2015

Optimization of the design of sound-absorbing tiles by numerical simulation using the MICADO software package. Several tile configurations were studied, allowing, in particular, the optimization of the slope angle of the boxes.

  • Clients  VINCI-GTM
  • Years  2010

Using the MICADO software package, the CSTB was able to calculate noise reduction on nearby building facades provided by overhang noise barriers along a deep-level railway line. MICADO proved essential because standard engineering methods could not treat the complexity of the situation.

  • Clients  RATP
  • Years  2009

Starting from the ICARE software package, the CSTB developed the OSCAR calculation interface, specifically adapted to predicting the level of intelligibility in railway carriage, taking into account interior sources of noise, as well as exterior sources such as the train wheels.

  • Clients  ALSTOM
  • Years  2006 - 2009

Development of a calculation module for congested spaces, especially applied to noise propagation under a car hood. From there, a specific calculation module was developed based on radiosity. This module in the ICARE software package also has its own interface.

  • Clients  PSA - RENAULT
  • Years  2013