The CSTB used its expertise to intervene in a case of sick building syndrome in a school. To manage and overcome the crisis, it measured indoor air quality and provided psychological support to all stakeholders.

  • Location  Rennes
  • Clients  French Institute for Public Health Surveillance (InVS)
  • Years  2010

Characterization of indoor exposure to electromagnetic waves inside an airport terminal, emitted by devices inside and outside (mobile phones, Wi-Fi, TV, FM, …), using a combination of the ICARE-RF and MithraREM software packages.

  • Clients  ADP
  • Years  2015

Support for implementing a home automation kit.

  • Clients  DomusVi
  • Years  2013

Set-up of a remote assistance center for an association working with vulnerable isolated people in their homes.

  • Clients  Association Vivre Dans Son Pays
  • Years  2014 - 2015

R&D at the OQAI (Indoor Air Quality Observatory): development of an instrument to measure and manage indoor air confinement in schools.

  • Clients  DGPR, DHUP, ADEME
  • Years  2008

Assessment protocols and large-scale data gathering on air quality, comfort and performance in office buildings and schools.

  • Clients  Commission européenne
  • Years  2011 - 2014

Ventilation appraisal and diagnosis of hydrocarbon pollution following the contamination of several buildings by polluted ground.

  • Clients  DRIRE IDF
  • Years  2010

Assessment of the sanitary impact of construction and decoration products: example of a covering product.

  • Clients  Université de Nice
  • Years  2014

Diagnosis and specification for furnishing materials with low emissions, in response to complaints about indoor air quality.

  • Clients  Radio France
  • Years  2013