Development of a configurator for an external thermal insulation system (ETICS) to allow users to manually modify the layout.
In 2014, simplified use by tradesmen.

  • Clients  Weber Saint-Gobain Recherche
  • Years  2011 - 2014

Comprehensive analysis of structures in the Lorraine region, in relation to mining subsidence (iron ore mines).

  • Location  Lorraine
  • Clients  DRE Lorraine
  • Years  2002 - 2008

Experimental analysis of the durability of flooring.

  • Location  Levallois-Perret
  • Architects  RAS (bâti existant)
  • Years  2002

Search for cause of cracks on the underside of honey-combed prestressed concrete slabs.

  • Location  Taverny
  • Clients  Conseil Général du Val d'Oise
  • Years  1999

Digital: calculation of wind characteristics

  • Digital: driving rain
  • Digital: preliminary wind loading (sails)
  • Experimental: wind loading study on a 1/150 scale model
  • Location  Paris
  • Clients  Fondation Louis Vuitton RFR
  • Architects  Frank Gehry
  • Years  2007 - 2011

Development of the Smart Energy Performance Control system to automatically audit the energy performance of housing, based on low-cost instrumentation:

  • automated audit instruments in housing
  • expert data processing algorithms
  • C++ programming
  • Location  Paris
  • Clients  Actility
  • Years  2011 - 2015

Development of the BATNRJ solution for instrumented monitoring of energy performance and comfort in buildings:

  • conceptual design of the system architecture (sensor types, functionalities and user interface)
  • library of expert data processing algorithms
  • Location  Perpignan
  • Clients  Pyrescom
  • Years  2010 - 2011

Development of a new solution for integration in structures:

  • definition of new manufacturing processes
  • selection of high-durability materials
  • design of a new-generation photovoltaic component
  • experimental validation and definition of implementation criteria
  • Location  Lyon
  • Clients  Solarezo
  • Years  2009 - 2011

Study of the environmental performance of the MFC 2020 concept (high energy performance homes) in combination with an electric car:

  • supporting and validating the modeling of the house made by MFC on the contribution of products and equipment to the environmental footprint.
  • modeling the mobility contribution using the Effinergie-Écomobilité tool
  • analyzing the results
  • Location  Grenoble
  • Clients  Maisons France Confort
  • Years  2011 - 2012

Assessing strategies for managing solar protection of roof windows on thermal comfort and the energy consumption of heating and cooling systems:

  • Development of a virtual laboratory to evaluate strategies for managing roof windows.
  • Data on the impact of management strategies on thermal comfort and the energy consumption of heating and cooling systems.
  • Location  Paris
  • Clients  Velux
  • Years  2013 - 2014

Development of the computing core of the application ADRIEN, a dynamic energy simulation tool for public use, enabling people to identify and simulate appropriate upgrades for their home:

  • complete computing core, based on the home profile provided by the occupant
  • C# programming
  • Location  Paris
  • Clients  Direct Énergie
  • Years  2014