EU FP6 'SnowLoad' Project.

  • Location  Europe
  • Clients  Comission européenne
  • Years  1996 - 2000

Digital: calculation of wind characteristics

  • Digital: driving rain
  • Digital: preliminary wind loading (sails)
  • Experimental: wind loading study on a 1/150 scale model
  • Location  Paris
  • Clients  Fondation Louis Vuitton RFR
  • Architects  Frank Gehry
  • Years  2007 - 2011

Experimental: wind loading study on 1/200 and 1/300 scale models (greater comfort on esplanade).

  • Location  Paris
  • Clients  Eiffage Construction
  • Architects  Johan Otto von Spreckelsen Paul Andreu Erik Reitzel
  • Years  1984, 2014

Experimental: wind loading and comfort study on a 1/300 scale model
Lighting: study of solar impact
SETEC engineering firm called on the CSTB during the design phase to obtain precise data on solar gain to simulate the aerothermal properties of the atrium of the Phare office tower. Because the atrium design calls for broad use of glazing, the solar gain greatly influences the thermal and air flow comfort in the space. The data was simulated using the sunlight module of the PHANIE software package.

  • Location  Paris La Défense
  • Clients  Unibail Rodamco SCI CNIT DEVELOPPEMENT
  • Architects  Morphosis (Thom Mayne)
  • Years  2008

Experimental: wind loading study on a model.

  • Location  Bordeaux
  • Clients  Egis
  • Architects  Thomas Lavigne
  • Years  2011

Comprehensive analysis of structures in the Lorraine region, in relation to mining subsidence (iron ore mines).

  • Location  Lorraine
  • Clients  DRE Lorraine
  • Years  2002 - 2008

Experimental: wind loading on the 1:200 scale model of the building and 1:50 model of the louver flaps

Digital: risk of condensation under the louver flaps

Digital: louver flap loading studies

Experimental: preliminary wind loading on the 1/50 scale model of the new louver flaps, smoke extraction engineering and fire resistance study of the canopy roof.

  • Location  Paris
  • Architects  Patrick Berger et Jacques Anziutti
  • Years  2009, 2011

Smoke extraction engineering, sizing of the smoke extraction solution.

  • Location  Paris
  • Clients  StudioMilou architecture
  • Architects  StudioMilou architecture
  • Years  2013

Experimental / Digital: characterizing the effects of wind on the site using a 1/500 scale model
Experimental: wind loading study on a 1:250 scale model of the building and a 1/75 model on the sails

  • Location  Paris
  • Clients  Bouygues Bâtiments
  • Architects  Shigeru Ban Architects Europe - Jean de Gastines Architectes
  • Years  2013

Requalification of 34 secondary schools to improve seismic resistance: vulnerability analysis.

  • Location  Martinique
  • Clients  Conseil général de Martinique
  • Architects  RAS (bâti existant)
  • Years  2006