R&D for a sustainable urban development project in the Arc Nord-Est (northeast belt) of Reims, including:

  • A White Paper on the design of Sustainable Urban Development
  • An operational strategy for sustainable urban development of the Arc Nord Est
  • Plans for redeveloping the outskirts and industrial wastelands to boost sustainable development in three eco-neighborhoods and an urban framework of natural public spaces
  • Location  Reims
  • Clients  GIE Foncière Développement de Reims
  • Architects  JDL & Associés
  • Years  2011 - 2013

Research action on the urban landscape:
The challenge was to:

  1. reflect on the notion of landscape as it is experienced/perceived by residents and designed by public policy in France and the United States
  2. Develop experimental landscape projects based on a series of small installations of landscapes, signs, artworks, etc. in two satellite neighborhoods: St-Denis Confluence and Melrose in New York.

This made it possible to define a conceptual and methodological framework for the design of a common landscape in sustainable urban projects.

  • Location  Île-Saint-Denis (Plaine Commune/Grand Paris), Melrose (New York)
  • Clients  CGDD, Programme Paysage et Développement Durable 2
  • Years  2012 - 2014

The CSTB has developed an “Éco-Neighborhood Campaign Kit” for local authorities including a methodological handbook of recommendations for assessing eco-neighborhoods, the pertinent criteria and indicators, along with an internet application to help conduct the assessments. The CSTB monitors the implementation of the campaign/assessments, coordinates support for the local authorities and leverages the results and feedback from the field.

  • Clients  MLETR
  • Years  2014 et 2015 (en cours)

The CSTB created a digital model of 40 hectares of the city of Cagnes-sur-Mer using a digital BIM model (LOD 1), then at pedestrian level, generating real-time simulations of air quality based on data gathered by wireless sensors, transmitted via web services. The simulations made it possible to forecast the dispersion of certain pollutants depending on conditions observed at point T in time.

  • Location  Cagnes-sur-Mer
  • Clients  Communauté urbaine Nice Côte d'Azur
  • Architects  Simulation et outils numériques Environnement
  • Years  2011